External Network Assessment

This is an ethical hack designed to target the network’s security posture from outside the organization. This network IT assessment can be performed against critical network segments.  War driving, war dialing, WANs, LANs, and social engineering can be included.

Internal Network Assessment

This is an assessment of the network’s internal security posture. We examine technical, physical, and administrative controls. Items examined include: security policy, network / data segmentation, network architecture, patch management, and the security of clients and servers on your network. The scope can vary from no initial access to the client providing us with a user-level network login.  The purpose of this assessment is to determine what level of access a malicious insiders can obtain/

Security Architecture Assessment

Working alongside your IT staff, we will examine your network documentation and review the placement of network hardware and software to assess its effectiveness.  We can examine web servers and databases. and help you answer key questions such as, “can a hacker access my internal network from the Internet, via my web application.”

Security Practices Assessment

This vulnerability assessment involves interaction with your IT staff. Our team will analyze your security practices (password policies, access-levels policies, software update policies) to determine if they meet industry standards such as SOX, GLB, and HIPAA.

System Assessment

This single system pen test assessment offers the client an in-depth review of a single system or network segment. This targeted review is designed to examine critical servers or e-commerce websites.

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