Server Hosting

Interactive Planet offers hosting at our state of the art facility, which has been up for 3 years now with 99.8% Up-Time. Over 300 servers and 300,000 domains are hosted in this facility. Hosting with Interactive Planet guarantees you the best service at the best price possible

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server means you are renting the server per month, you never actually own the server. A Dedicated server is less expensive to start with because you do not have to buy the server. Also Interactive Planet is responsible for any hardware or operating system upgrades or repairs.

If you are looking to host your own web hosting company and / or desire to have that cool T1 or T3 connection to your business, it’s is more economical to have a dedicated server. This allows you as owner to have less to worry about such as tech staff to pay, over head, the cost of routers, switches, battery backups and being locked into a contract. We have enough resources to back your business, provide programmers , hardware tech, and on demand bandwidth to ensure you are satisfied for life. The reality is… quite a few ISP’s and hosting companies go out of business because of over selling bandwidth, loss of bandwidth control, not keeping up with hardware demands, and paying high salaries to staff.


Co-location can mean 2 things, 1:) You are sending the server with everything ready and all we do is plug it to the network.2:) You are buying the server from Interactive Planet and paying Co-location Pricing. Co-location is less expensive per month because the server is owned by you.
Services such as hardware upgrades and software installations/upgrades are available for an extra charge. This does not apply to Interactive Planet installed software, we will support Interactive Planet related issues 100%. Reboots are always free. Since you own the hardware, you are responsible for any repairs/upgrades cost and notifying . While Interactive Planet will certainly be available for assistance, you should only choose co-location if you are familiar with running a server. Of course Interactive Planet related related bugs are always free.

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